Introduction Giethoorn

Giethoorn was founded ca. 1230. The first inhabitants found a great man horns of wild goats there, which had probably died in the flood of St. Elizabeth in 1170. They called their settlement "Geytenhorn" (horn of goats), later corrupted to "Geythorn" which still later became Giethoorn. The village is the result of peat cutting. Because of the digging of peat ponds en lakes arose and to transport the peat waterways and canals were dug. Many houses have, as it were, been built on little islands which can only be reached over the bridges that are characteristic of Giethoorn. Of old transport in Giethoorn has taken place by water in so-called "punters". You can hire these punters and in that way get to know Giethoorn from the water. Of course we can also recommend a round-trip by boat under the direction of an expert.

The Venice of Holland


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